PBO4 pressure pad


★Use above 250℃
PBO4 pressure pad for multiple uses

PBO4 is a lamination pad developed for ultra-high temperature lamination applications, and its operating temperature can reach over 300 degrees.
PBO4 is made of PBO fiber with high strength, high modulus, heat resistance, flame retardancy, and excellent temperature resistance.
The strength of PBO is the highest among existing chemical fibers, with a modulus of 280GPa; a heat-resistant temperature of 600°C, a limiting oxygen index of 68, it does not burn or shrink in flames, and its heat resistance and flame retardancy are higher than any other fiber. organic fiber. Mainly used in heat-resistant industrial textiles and fiber reinforced materials.
PBO4 heat-resistant mat made of PBO fiber can provide good support and cushioning, and provide support on uneven surfaces.