Release Cushion film (RCF)


The production capacity bottleneck for typical rigid-flex fabrication processes lies in the lamination process.
When adopting the rigid-flex process to press PP with copper layer, a layer would require two sets of release cushions.
One release cushion set includes a upper release film, cushion material, and lower release film.
Therefore, one PCB requires six times of manual processes of stacking the release films and cushion materials.
To improve the production capacity of the rigid-flex process and to reduce the manual labor of PCB stacking, this company developed and patented a 3 in 1 release cushion film (RCF), which integrates a set of release cushion materials (upper release film + cushion material + lower release film). This design significantly reduces the time wasted on manual PCB stacking.
Empirical testing shows that the adoption of this RCF reduces 50% of the stacking time and improves the stacking activation rate.